Sokol 2018

available for booking / for the whole family / indoor / site-specific

Sokol movement was based upon the principle of “a strong mind in a strong body” and it promoted gymnastics for everyone regardless of age, gender or abilities.
The work is designed especially traditional school gymnastics halls in mind and the aerialist performs with ropes, rings and wall bars. The aim of the performance is to bring a site-specific performance to an environment that is already familiar to the audience and inspire the children to move and make use of their surroundings while doing so.

Choreographer, performance: Ilona Jäntti

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation / Kainuu Regional Foundation
Premiere: 30th May 2018 with Pauliina Kauppila in Taivallahti Elementary School, Helsinki, Finland
Work in progress: 18th January 2018 with Elina Raasakka in Hyrynsalmen yhtenäiskoulu, Kainuu
Duration: 20 min
Age recommendation: 5+

Photos: Inkeri Jäntti, Luis Eduardo Martinez Fuentes