Crossing 2023

available for booking / indoor / site-specific / stage work

Four women creators from four countries and three continents working to find the common intersections of their work. Eleonora Dall’Asta (Panama),  Eliška Brtnická (Czech Republic), Ilona Jäntti (Finland) and Aki Yoshida (Japan) have been engaged in artistic research in the field of contemporary circus for over a decade. They have been meeting for several years in various projects, but this is the first time they work together as the group. 

All four create mainly solo pieces and although they live and create at opposite ends of the world, their works are often strikingly similar in concept and aesthetics. Their common denominator is aerial acrobatics, while their aerial apparatuses are usually transformed into an art object, thus opening up new possibilities for choreography. 

This time, their starting point is metal bars from Eliška Brtnická’s performance Thin Skin. Ninety percent of the scenography uses residual and waste materials. Recently, re-use has been present as one of the creative ideas of each of the four. This project aims to offer an insight into the artistic process through the resulting performance.

“The Crossing performance takes the audience into a world of silence, concentration and enchantment with the beauty of movements and the collision of a fragile body with the inflexibility and danger of protruding steel bars.” Radmila Hrdinová in, 25th August 2023

Creation and interpretation: Eliška Brtnická (CZ), Eleonora Dall’Asta (PAN), Ilona Jäntti (FIN), Aki Yoshida (JAP)

Sound design: Hara Alonso

Sound: Stanislav Abraham

Lighting design: Matyáš Nejedlý, Vojtěch Vaněček

Technical cooperation: Prokop Vondruška

Producer: Eva Roškaňuková

Photo: Anna Benháková

Produced by: Cirkus Mlejn z.s.

Residencies: KD Mlejn, DOX

Supported by: City Hall of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Letní Letná Festival, Finnish Cultural Foundation

Premiere in Letní Letná Festival 24th August 2023

Duration: 50 minutes

Age recommendation: 7+