Ballantine Scale 2019

indoor / stage work

The new collaboration Ballantine Scale by the popular duo Jäntti & Venna invites the audience into theatre space which leads them into a mysterious world located inside a great white tent by the sea. The performance combines Ilona Jäntti’s innovative aerial acrobatics with the music composed and arranged by Aino Venna. The performance studies the interface of exterior and interior, nature and culture, and the turning point of night and day.

When the sun sets and dusk arrives, the world changes its form, perhaps permanently.

“Ballantine Scale is an excellent small gem of a performance”Demokraatti 19th October 2019

Choreographer, performance: Ilona Jäntti
Composer, musician: Aino Venna
Lighting desing: Kauri Klemelä
Sound design: Pauli Riikonen
Set: Pavla Kamanová
Double bass: Erik Michelsen
Musical arrangements: Erik Michelsen & Aino Venna
Duration: approx. 55 min

Premiere: October 17th 2019, Circus City, Bristol, UK

Photos: Ulla Kokki