A pony is a small horse

Director: Ilona Jäntti

Performers: Alice Allart and Ilona Jäntti

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cirkus Mlejn (CZ), V&A Museum of Childhood

Extracts have been performed at Jacksons Lane Theatre's Postcards Festival, Piccadilly Circus Circus, Starford Circus and Museum of Childhood in 2012 and Letni Letna festival in Prague in 2013.

Premiere 30th March 2014 at Fun Fatale Festival in Prague.

“You could perhaps picture it by imagining a maypole, but the important thing about the set-up is that it's got layers of asymmetry: the silks are all tied in different directions, lie at different heights, and have different levels of slack. Ilona performs somewhere at the centre of all these variables, moving with  the centre, playing with tension and friction and stored rotation. As one unpredictable movement path connects fluidly to the next, you have perhaps the feeling that you are watching a magician: someone who can open space to escape constraint." Sideshow Circus Magazine (UK)

Photo: Claire Bilyard