Concept: Tuula Jeker and Ilona Jäntti
Choreography and performance: Ilona Jäntti
Animation: Tuula Jeker
Music and sound design: Tuomas Norvio
Lighting design: Ainu Palmu

Production has been supported by: Arts Council of Finland, Helsinki Festival and Jacksons Lane (UK)
Premiere 2009 at Jacksons Lane, London
Duration 15 min

Muualla/Elsewhere explores the possibilities of combining animation, circus and dance in a live performance context. The interaction between the animation and the performer enables a dialogue between the real and virtual worlds: animated environment and emerging creatures are affected by the performer and vice versa. The imagery of the piece is constantly changing and nothing is what it seems to be.

"With Jeker's stylish and graphic animated designs forming an interactive backdrop for Jantti's effortlessly elegant moves on ropes, and great music by Tuomas Norvio, it is instantly engaging. Circus skills creep in everywhere these days, but this is so fresh and the result is a sublime success." Liz Arratoon, The Stage (UK)

Photo: Chiara Contrino